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  • Atom Cutter
    Atom Cutter
    Introducing Hi-Tec Cutters G3 Atom.  Made from proprietary fine alloy steel, optimised for cutting performance
  • Beiyaun
    Details coming soon.
  • Beiyuan 5UB92
    Beiyuan 5UB92
    92mm Full Thinkness comb for normal shearing crossbreds.
  • Beiyuan 5UB94
    Beiyuan 5UB94
    94mm Full Thickness comb for shearing cross breed sheep.
  • Beiyuan 5V96
    Beiyuan 5V96
    96mm Full Thickness For tougher shearing larger bodied crossbreds...
  • Beiyuan 62 Narrow Comb
    Beiyuan 62 Narrow Comb
    62mm long bevel 10 tooth comb
  • Beiyuan 6UB76
    Beiyuan 6UB76
    76mm, medium bevel specialist comb for crutching sheep.
  • Beiyuan 6UB83
    Beiyuan 6UB83
    83mm Full Thickness Comb ideal for crutching and general shearing...
  • Beiyuan 6UB92
    Beiyuan 6UB92
    92mm Full Thickness ideal shearing Merino's...
  • Beiyuan 6UB94
    Beiyuan 6UB94
    92mm Full Thickness comb, long bevel designed  for average shearing merino's...
  • Beiyuan 6UB94 3/4
    Beiyuan 6UB94 3/4
    94mm - 3/4 Thickness comb suitable for average shearing merino's...
  • Beiyuan 6UB94 Left Handed
    Beiyuan 6UB94 Left Handed
    94mm Long bevel suitable for average shearing Merino sheep.
  • Beiyuan 6UB96
    Beiyuan 6UB96
    96mm Long Bevel comb suitable for larger bodied Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 6UB96 3/4
    Beiyuan 6UB96 3/4
    96mm 3/4 thickness run in comb comb for larger bodied Merino's...
  • Beiyuan 6V94
    Beiyuan 6V94
    94mm Long Bevel suitable for tougher shearing Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 7UB92
    Beiyuan 7UB92
    92 mm bevel full thickness comb best suited for Tought Shearing Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 7UB92 3/4
    Beiyuan 7UB92 3/4
    92mm Bevel 3/4 Thickness Comb for tough shearing Merino's...
  • Beiyuan 7UB94 3/4
    Beiyuan 7UB94 3/4
    94mm Bevel 3/4 Thickness. For the use in Tough Shearing Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 7UB94 Left Handed
    Beiyuan 7UB94 Left Handed
    94mm Bevel Left handed Full Thickness Comb. For shearing tough wooled Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 7UB96 Comb
    Beiyuan 7UB96 Comb
    96mm Bevel Full Thinkness comb. For using in larger tough wooled Merino's.
  • Beiyuan 7V96 Comb
    Beiyuan 7V96 Comb
    Type a description for this product here...
  • Beiyuan Alpache
    Beiyuan Alpache
    97mm wide 7mm Bevel Comb.
  • Beiyuan Black Hawk
    Beiyuan Black Hawk
    The Black Hawk is our latest fast moving comb designed for Australian conditions. It is a run in comb 94.5mm with a 6mm bevel. These can be purchased individually or in a box of 5...
  • Beiyuan Kiowa Comb
    Beiyuan Kiowa Comb
    96mm Bevel. Good for medium tough wooled sheep.
  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard
    Beiyuan Snow Leopard combs innovative design based on the idea of a wide bodied comb which has greatly improved comb entry.  Available with a long bevel either 6 or 7 and 95mm wide