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  • ACE -ACE  Cutter
    ACE -ACE Cutter
    The Ace cutter has rounded crowns without undercuts to give a smoother cutting action. Parallel noses also give a wider throw when the cutter is ground down compared to conventional cutters...
  • Ace Colt Cutter
    Ace Colt Cutter
    A special purpose cutter designed for use with all narrow combs.
  • Ace Slick Cutter
    Ace Slick Cutter
    The name says it all. With all the attributes of the ace, this cutter has fine points and has been ground to go straight from the packet.
  • Atom Cutter
    Atom Cutter
    Introducing Hi-Tec Cutters G3 Atom.  Made from proprietary fine alloy steel, optimised for cutting performance
  • Beiyuan Narrow Cutter
    Beiyuan Narrow Cutter
    For use with narrow combs they are a 3 tooth cutter.
  • Heiniger Diamond Cutter 714-011
    Heiniger Diamond Cutter 714-011
    Ideal to use on any thickness comb. The diamond cutter is suitable for all types off sheep. Parallel ground to ensure even tension and easier precision resharpening...
  • Heiniger Edge 714-151
    Heiniger Edge 714-151
    The Edge cutter at a thickness of 4.4mm offers the most advanced design on the market today. A wider throw and further reach on the comb gives more versatility in selecting lead options. The Edge cutter unique feature is it...
  • Heiniger Jet 714-010
    Heiniger Jet 714-010
    The Jet provides maximum throw for extra wide combs. Fine points with steeper angle provides extra lead on thin combs. Parallel ground to ensure even tension and easier precision resharpening...
  • Heiniger Xtreme 714-152
    Heiniger Xtreme 714-152
    The Xtreme cutter has been developed in conjuction with the Edge and shares all of the Edges attributes including eliminating potentially dangerous comb and cutter lock ups. The Xtreme is run in and engineered to give high...
  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard
    Beiyuan Snow Leopard combs innovative design based on the idea of a wide bodied comb which has greatly improved comb entry.  Available with a long bevel either 6 or 7 and 95mm wide