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Hand pieces

  • Beiyuan Shearing Handpiece - 240 Volt
    Beiyuan Shearing Handpiece - 240 Volt
    Ergenomicly designed electric handpiece Internal gearbox for extra torque. Complete in a carry case with 2 combs and 4 cutters. 6 month warranty...
  • Handypiece
    Handypiece - Efficient, reliable & durable portable sheep shearers.  The Handypieceis convenient & easy to use, a portable handpiece that can clip, dag & crutch.  It has a slim-line design &...
  • Lister DF642
    Lister DF642
    Lister DF642 - Triple Bearing Design for professional and competent casual shearers to shear all day in comfort and speed.
  • Lister Outback
    Lister Outback
    Lister Outback - Robust Reliable Ready for anything.  No matter how harsh the shearing environment, the Outback's ready for perform.  Hardwearing and durable, it offers consistent results for farmers and...
  • Lister Skorpion
    Lister Skorpion
    Skorpion - Power & Precision.  Developed for the professional shearer, the Skorpion's controured body has been expertly moulded to deliver true precision cutting and effortless results, as well as provide comfort...